The Psychic Power of Clairaudience

What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience means “clear audio” or “clear hearing.”  It is the ability to hear beyond that of the normal senses.  Psychic clairaudients can hear voices of spirits and angels, as well as sounds from the astral realm.

Like with clairvoyance, you can be born and brought up with these abilities, or you can develop clairaudience over time.  Each psychic ability is a gift in and of itself.  In other words…if you suddenly develop clairaudience, that does not necessarily mean that you will also develop clairvoyance.  Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses…but each psychic ability can be developed with time and training.

How does clairaudience work?

Clairaudience is an ability relating only to the ability to “hear” that which can not be heard by others…voices and noises that come from the spirit realm.  It may sound like your own voice…but saying something that you didn’t know or would never say…or it could be the voice of a deceased loved one…or someone that you have never met.

EarSome signs of developing clairaudience:

  • ringing or buzzing in the ears
  • you hear your name being called when there is no one around
  • you hear whispering or voices
  • you are awakened at night by voices or noises that come out of nowhere

When you are receiving spiritual guidance through clairaudience it is very helpful to know what to expect, so that you do not become afraid.  That was a big block that I hit in my development a while back…when I was trying to sleep, and heard a big, deep man’s voice that sounded like it was coming from right by my ear…I freaked out!  I jumped up and no one was there, but it was hard to relax again after that…and the experience frightened me so much that
I couldn’t bring myself to try to listen again for a very long time.

Most people know about the major chakras of the bodies energy system.  There are also many smaller chakras throughout the body.  Just above each ear there is a small chakra, and this is where your clairaudience will come from.  It does not sound like someone standing in front of you speaking…it’s more like an echo, or like it’s coming through a radio or something…or even like it’s coming from within your head.
What Not To Do 3Also during your clairaudience development, the spirits may test you or play jokes on you…but nothing harmful.  I know I’ve been startled awake several times by what sounds like somebody dropping a stack of trays onto a hard floor.  You may first hear noises, then words, and eventually complete sentences or conversations.

How to develop clairaudience (for beginners)

Exercise #1 -

  • Many times we have selective hearing and block out most of what is EARgoing on around us.  Try to really listen…and separate the sounds that you can hear.
  • First listen to what is immediately around you…is there a fan blowing?  Is the TV on?
  • Then try to listen out a little further…can you hear you neighbors outside talking? Someone starting their car?  A baby crying or a dog barking?
  • Then try to listen even further out if possible…is a plane going by?  Sirens?
  • Try to do this exercise several times throughout the day.

Exercise #2 - 

  •  Meditate… it has been shown that meditation improves psychic abilities.
  • You can include visualization.  Most guided meditations start you off by picturing yourself walking down a beautiful staircase.
  • You can picture that at the bottom of the staircase your guardian angel or a spirit guide is waiting for you.
  • Speak to your guide…and see how clearly you can hear him or her.
  • You can work with one guide for several days or several weeks, and then ask to meet another.

As with any skill…mastery may take a while.  Be patient with yourself, and celebrate your successes, no matter how small.

If you have any past or previous experience with clairaudience, please share it below!  Thank you!







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  1. James W D
    James W D October 10, 2013 at 6:01 am | | Reply

    Interesting information. I was unaware of the chakras by the ear. I like the training exercise as well and will have to try that out. Thank you for the info!

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