The Psychic Power of Clairsentience

What is clairsentience?

The word clairsentience means “clear feeling.”  There is nothing seen as in clairvoyance…and nothing heard as in clairaudience.  It is simply a feeling that you get…I could say that it is very similar to intuition.

Clairsentience is actually one of the most common psychic abilities, but many people don’t even realize that they are using it every day.  It is for this reason that your abilities can quickly be improved if you take notice and practice using it.

Signs of clairsentience abilities

Are you clairsentient?

  • Do you “feel” when there is someone staring at you, even if you haven’t Eyesseen them?
  • Do you sense when someone is in a bad mood…even before they speak?
  • Do other people’s emotions affect you physically?
  • When you enter a room, or a new place…can you sense the energy that is there?  Do the places you go either immediately set you at ease, or set you on edge with no apparent reason?
  • When you meet someone new, do you immediately feel that you like them or that you don’t…before you’ve even had a chance to get to know them?
  • When you hear about other people’s successes, or their problems is it very easy for you to put yourself in their shoes?  Do you feel their pain?

All of these things fall into the realm of clairsentience.   Because there are a lot of emotions that you are soaking in from other people…and you can take in all of the energy that is around you…you need to be careful.  You can become physically drained very quickly if you are around a lot of people.  You must practice controlling your ability so that you can turn it off at will to shield yourself.

Psychometry is a psychic skill that is related to clairsentience.  In psychometry you hold an object in your hand, and try to tune into (feel) its history…or gain information about the owner.

It is psychometry along with clairvoyance that psychics use when they try to help police solve missing persons cases.  They can hold something belonging to the missing person and try to sense where they are.  It is a very useful skill to develop.

How to develop clairsentience (for beginners)

Exercise #1 -

  • Sit a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • Try to sense your body.  Is there pain anywhere?  How do you feel?
  • Try extending your senses out to the area just around you…how does it feel…does the space around you feel safe?  Happy?
  • Now extend your perception out to include your entire house or Meditation 1apartment…what do you feel there?  Are there any negative energies that you sense?
  • Next extend your feeling out into your community. Then your country…then the world…then the universe.
  • Feel the unity of it all.  It is all energy, and you can feel and affect this energy with your intentions.
  • Send positive energy out into the universe.
  • Then reverse and bring yourself back to the area around you…and then to your body.  How do you feel now?

Exercise #2 - 

  • Get an object that did not originally belong to you.  It could be something you bought at  a second hand shop, or something you found.  It is best if there is someone who can verify the information that you receive…but that is not necessary.  You can even hold a picture of someone you don’t know and try to receive information about that Magic Lampperson.
  • Hold the object in your hand…and try to tune into the vibrations…the energy of the object.
  • What do you feel?  Do you get impressions of what the owner looked like, or did for a living, or any emotions connected to the object.
  • Does the energy feel good or bad?   Can you get a feeling for the location of the original owner?  Are they still living?  Where are they?


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If you have any questions, or would like to leave some of your experiences with clairsentience below….please do!  :-)






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